Largo Physical Vanadium (LPV) provides investors an opportunity to own a key strategic mineral—vanadium, which is essential to achieve a greener world in key industries such as steel, aerospace and energy storage.

Why Invest

  • Growth

    Direct exposure to vanadium, a new-economy metal with robust growth forecasts

  • Esg

    Positive ESG impact with use of vanadium in steel and batteries

  • Solutions

    Turnkey solution to invest in physical vanadium

A Greener World with Vanadium

Reduces Carbon Emissions In Steel

The use of vanadium-micro alloyed rebars enables minimal consumption of steel in construction and contributed to an estimate of 180 million metric tons of CO2.

Long Duration Energy Storage

Long duration vanadium batteries in conjunction with wind and solar, are ideal for the replacement of fossil fuel power plants

Supporting ESG Principals

Vanadium supports the ESG investment case with non-degrading, fully recyclable electrolyte and carbon reducing steel alloying applications

Increasing Demand For Vanadium

Demand for low-carbon technology should require 173% more vanadium production by 2050

June 03, 2024

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May 02, 2024

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